What is DM IDEAS?


DM IDEAS is a brand created by Noemí Domènech Masferrer, a multidisciplinary designer based in Barcelona (Spain).

She has Graduated in Industrial Design and Product Development at the University of Girona, and has specialized in areas of Graphic Design, Web Design and Fashion Design.

She has worked in companies of different sectors, such as Engineering, Textile and Visual Communication.

What does DM IDEAS offer?

CUSTOM PORTRAITS: Custom vectorized portraits. You can choose from various styles here.

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Design and web development, banners, image and corporate identity, illustration, prints, photo editing...

INDUSTRIAL DESIGN: Design and product development, packaging...

DM IDEAS is flexible according to customer needs to reach your idea, creating a customized product. The customer will be in contact with the development process for evaluation and reach the desired product. Communication with the client is done via email.

DM IDEAS makes projects internationally and commits to quality at reasonable prices. The works are delivered to the customer in a digital format in function with the desired end use. Payments are made through PayPal.