News Kiosk

Design and development of a newsstand (FDP 2010). New kiosk concept that responds to a change needs to face the crisis that the sector is suffering.

These needs revolve around a modernization of the traditional kiosk toward a future perspective, providing innovative solutions and improvements that allow the kiosk to be more profitable, sustainable and modern than the current.

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Design of two bluetooth translators, for businessmen and tourists.

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Selecta Plus

Design and development of an Intense Pulsed Light machine (IPL) Selecta Plus in collaboration with the Sorisa company.

Ergonomic and functional design consists of a tabletop cabinet with touch screen and three interchangeable applicators (two modes of use) depending on treatment.

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3D Cross

Gothic Cross design done ​​on SolidWorks.

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3D logo with different camera views and effects using Cinema 4D.

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Yumi Fragance

Packaging design and visual identity of a children fragance with a rotating puzzle targeting girls 1-3 years old.

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3D Ring

Design of a ring in different color ranges.

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Promenade light

Design and development of an urban lamppost in collaboration with Simon Lighting Company.

It's a compact lamppost with stylized forms designed to promenades.

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